22 Best Fitness and Health Influencers to Follow on Instagram in 2021

22 Best Fitness and Health Influencers to Follow on Instagram in 2021

Are you also struggling hard to fulfil your yearly resolution of getting fit? Well, it is the same for everyone! Do not feel guilty about eating all the fast foods and yummy feasts. Instead, get the right inspiration to shed the fat and ride your way to a fit body. The mantra of getting fit has changed a bit since the last time you checked. It is now all about eating, sweating, and following well! Yes, you saw that right. Follow the best influencers on the social platforms, which can motivate you to get started. 

You do not need to search further through the platforms. Here are the best fitness influencers who are ruling the world of Instagram. Check out their profiles to get a glimpse of their fitness journey and regime.

  1. Kayla Itsines – @kayla_itsines: Kayla is undoubtedly a leading name in the fitness world of Instagram. The 13 million followers on her profile are an apt example of her success. Follow her to get inspired to live a better and healthy life. 
  • Tally Rye – @tallyrye: Tally Rye has a following of over 118k who dedicatedly follow her to lead a healthier life. Her posts are certain to make you get up from the couch and start working out. Follow her to know more.
  • Jordan Syatt – @syattfitness: This no-nonsense fitness enthusiast believes in making his followers healthy and fit. With over 788k followers, he takes a serious challenge by providing a contact number to clear all the fitness doubts! 
  • Laura Hoggins – @laurabiceps: The award-winning trainer believes in strength training. Her amazing fitness videos will surely give the ladies the much-needed enthusiasm to sweat it out. Check out the workout tips from her page.
  • Massy Arias – @massy.arias: A great example to all the mothers struggling to lose the post-delivery weight. Her strong social media presence makes her a leading name in the world of fitness.
  • Amy Lane – @wellness_ed: The digital editor of Women’s Health UK, Amy Lane, is also a proud and fit mommy. Her posts reflect both lifestyle and fitness tips that can help you get a better perception. Follow her to know more.
  • Bret Contreras – @bretcontreras1: With over a 1.1million followers, Bret has 25+ years of experience in the field. You can acquire effective tips to start your journey from fat to fit. 
  • Samantha Gwazdauskas – @thesamplan: She is a virtual health coach with the right social media presence to influence people for the better. Expect to get a combination of healthy living and fitness tips from her Instagram feed.
  • Susan Niebergall – @susanniebergallfitness: Susan is an online weight loss trainer who believes that there is no fixed age to start your fitness journey. Her workout tips are sure to accomplish if you are finding it hard to sweat it out.
  1. James Stirling – @london_fitness_guy: A proud promoter of home workouts, James influences his followers to work out without any complaints. So, the next time you fuss about the gym timings, remember you can sweat it out at your home only!
  1. Meghan Callaway – @meghancallaway: Meghan is an athlete, coach, writer, and now the creator of the Ultimate Pull-up Program! People over 84countries follow her program to get on the right track to fitness. You can also follow her to make an effective fitness journey.
  1. Kelsey Wells – @kelseywells: With a follower strength of over a 2.8million, Kelsey’s Instagram posts are all about encouraging you to get fitter. Her advanced workout tips and videos act as a great source of inspiration to all.
  1. Cat Meffan – @catmeffan: Cat is an online yoga instructor who believes fitness is overall well-being. Her posts focus on complete body and mind fitness. Check her Instagram feed to know more about the role of yoga in fitness.
  1. Eric Helms – @helms3dmj: Eric is a weight-lifter, and his Instagram posts are all about getting into shape with the right technique. Learn some amazing pointers on how to lose fat in the best way through his social feed.
  1. James Smith – @jamessmithpt: James has a unique style of getting his followers interested in fitness. His quirky posts are a great source of entertainment, filled with fitness knowledge. Check out his profile to experience something different.
  1. Luke Worthington – @lukewtraining: With 62.4k followers on Instagram, this former international athlete trains the top celebrities to gain a fit body. His in-depth knowledge about fitness reflects through his posts. Learn some valuable information about fitness by following him.
  1. Kaisa Keranen – @kaisafit: With 1million followers, Kaisa shares workout videos that will make you get up and move right now! Be a part of the fitness challenges and join her Instagram family to get exclusive workout tips.
  1. Faisal Abdalla – @faisalpmafitness: Faisal, popularly known as Mr. Positive mental attitude (PMA), believes fitness is all about acquiring positivity. Through his posts on fitness and workout, gain some in-depth knowledge about health and overall wellness.
  1. Lucy Mountain – @lucymountain: Finding it hard to cut the calories? Lucy’s Instagram posts are full of healthy recipes and beneficial fitness tips. Cut the carb through the right diet and make yourself stronger through her online feed.
  • Ben Carpenter – @bdccarpenter: Ben is a fitness trainer who helps millions of people in the social world struggling with weight loss. Bust the weight loss myths and get direct expert tips from this ever-active fitness influencer.
  • Jessie Diaz-Herrera – @curveswithmoves: Jessie is the best inspiration for those fighting obesity. Her videos of working out and fitness training reflect that getting fit is not only about having a well-toned body. Her posts are a truly motivating and inspiring example for everyone.
  • Katie Crewe – @katiecrewe: With Katie’s Instagram posts, you get tips on both beauty and fitness. If you are also trying to get a toned body with beautiful skin, you know who to follow!

Push it further

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Follow the best path to fitness

Take notes from the exercising tips of the influencers and check what suits you the best. Team it up with a healthy diet to get the best outcome. 

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